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Our view on sustainability

Tomorrow's menu is based on showing concern for animals, people and the environment. We work actively with sustainability and place high demands on our suppliers.

The guests of today's restaurants, bars and cafés are more environmentally conscious and make conscious choices. Galatea's customers can feel secure in their choice of business partner. We are pushing major issues regarding the environment, ethics and social responsibility. Together with our owners Martin & Servera are we big enough to make a difference and we affect many in multiple ways. Therefore, sustainable business is the obvious path.

Galatea have recently become ISO certified in quality and environment with great back-up from the team working with this full time at Martin & Servera. With the certifications and, for us, new way of working we can engage in long term quality and environmental efforts that create business benefits for both us and our customers.

Together with our staff, suppliers, customers and owners, we work to manage risk, minimize environmental impact and provide opportunities throughout the value chain.


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Our work on quality and environment

Galatea shall be one of the leading beverage companies when it comes to sustainability and environment. We take quality matters and food safety into all our decision-making processes. All different parts of the business such as production and purchase planning, administration, logistics and technical functions shall be characterized by a quality- and sustainable mindset

We promote a sustainable future by working systematically with issues that can reduce our negative environmental impact. We are certified according to the ISO 9001, ISO 140001 and FSSC 22000 standards.

Download our certificates:
Certificate FSSC 22000


We work Organic!

Galatea carries a certificate for organic products. By meeting requirements for producing, labelling, controlling, and importing organic products, our customers and partners know that we can handle this type of products. Organic beverages is very popular in Sweden and sell well due to Systembolagets incentive for being organic.

Download our certifications for organic products:
Sundance Wines

Code of Conduct – with consideration for people, animals and the environment

Galatea and Martin & Servera share the same code of conduct in order to address concerns around human rights, the humane treatment of animals and environmental awareness. The revised, updated Code of Conduct includes stricter demands for respecting human rights.

Martin & Servera adopted its first Code of Conduct in 2008 and aims to control the entire supply chain. One way we ensure that our Code of Conduct is complied, is to conduct repeated audit inspections around the world.

We want all of our suppliers to sign our Code of Conduct

We want all of our suppliers, both in Sweden and abroad, to work in accordance with the requirements stated in the Code of Conduct. This applies to both the main corporation as well as potential subcontractors. Our Code of Conduct should therefor always be signed by the Managing Director (CEO) of the company. With new suppliers this happens in conjunction with the supplier evaluation.

Download our code of conduct

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