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About Us

About Galatea

Welcome to Galatea, Scandinavia’s leading distributor of alcoholic beverages. We started out as a group of friends in Stockholm who shared a deep passion for great drinks and went on to establish an import business in 1997. Our vision was to supply the Swedish beverage market with a greater choice of quality beers, spirits and wines than ever before. This still remains our ambition to this day.

We meticulously research then travel to countries around the world to discover exciting new taste experiences. We don’t just sit in an office. We go to the source, create friendships, make deals – and then we bring home the very best drinks we can find. Today Galatea is the wholesaler for over a hundred international brands from some twenty countries, covering a wide variety of drinks categories. The strong backbone of our assortment are the several hundred imported beer brands we proudly represent – the largest of its kind in Scandinavia.

Even in our early start-up years we had a vision of producing great drinks in our own right, so we invested in some exciting brands like Three Towns Independent Brewers, Arboga Beer and Hannas Cider. Around 2010 we expanded into the booming craft beer market with St Eriks Brewery and Sigtuna Brewery, as well as the liquor market with Good ol’ Sailor’s and Tegner & Son’s extensive product range.

Together with you, our customers, and our amazing brand partners we’re continuously shaping the world of drinks in Sweden. Why not join us on our journey?

We’d love to have you along for the ride!

Mats Folkeson, CEO of Galatea

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