The brands of Galatea

Alongside the great import business Galatea owns a number of brands covering a broad product range for the domestic and international market. Starting off by establishing the company Three Towns Independent Brewers in the early 2000’s, we introduced the recomposed classic beers Three Towns and TT, carefully modernised and improved.

From there on we have prevailed in a niche we are afire about: to bring new life into ancient brands and beverages. (However, we also at times introduce completely new exciting names and products.)

Adding to Three Towns we have launched the best seller series Arboga (2001), the major cider brand Hannas (2002), and the great craft beer success St Eriks Brewery (2010). St Eriks was elected the best overall brewery at the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival in 2011!

In developing our own wine and spirits assortment we have since 2010 introduced the Tegnér & Son  award winning liquor brand, as well as the famed and stylished Good ol’ Sailor spirits range. Both together now covering some twelve core range products of vodka, gin, brandy, cognac, rum, punsch and liqueurs, alongside a number of seasonals, including mulled wines.

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