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A quality choice for classic taste and environmental consideration. The use of organic grain, fresh water from the Lake Vättern and PET bottles makes this crafted spirit as Swedish as it gets.

Good ol’ Sailor Vodka is made with traditional skills combined with modern distillery technology. The quadruple distilling of organic barley makes for a clean and fresh body, topped with a fruity nose and a spicy aftertaste.

Colour: Crystal clear | ABV: 37.5 % | PET bottle: 70 CL


The Good ol’ Sailor sails the seven seas and savours his gin with as many spices.

An enhancement of the Organic Good ol’ Sailor Vodka into a refreshing and complex London dry gin. Good ol’ Sailor Gin preserves the pure grain character of the spirit and adds a balanced juniper flavour along with distinct notes of citrus and orange peel. Apart from the classic spicing of juniper, licorice, angelica root, orris root, coriander, Seville orange zest and lemon zest, there is a secret extra spice that adds to the unique finish.

Colour: Crystal clear | ABV: 37.5 % | PET bottle: 70 CL


One of the first releases of ready to drink (RTD) beverages by Good ol’ Sailor, and the first Swedish all-organic RTD. The citrusy and refreshing Maverick Organic Sour Lemon has a big aroma of citrus, including fresh lemon juice and lime zest. Crisp, fruity and sweet with a taste of citrus and a spicy finish of lime zest.

Colour: Pale lemon yellow | ABV: 4.5 % | Bottle: 27.5 CL


A clear ice blue RTD from Good ol’ Sailor, spiced with blueberries. Maverick Blueberry has a clear nose of berries, with tones of blueberry, vanilla and a hint of citrus. Refreshing sweet and sour taste with blueberries, citrus and vanilla in the forefront, moving on to a long, herbal finish.

Colour: Ice blue | ABV: 4.5 % | Bottle: 27.5 CL


Spiced spirit named after the 18th century legend of the pirate woman who went by that famous epithet. The Brave Navigator is a blend of best quality Jamaican rum, of which over 50 % has been matured in bourbon barrels. In addition it’s flavoured with carefully selected spices and aromas to create a perfect balance of vanilla, cinnamon and cacao.

Colour: Golden orange | ABV: 35 % | Bottle: 70 CL


Olokun, the wisest of all voodoo gods, lives in darkness during the day chained to the sea bottom. His bright soul enters our world at sunset. This fine rum celebrates the magic and mystery of his spirit.

Olokun Smooth Filtered Pure Cane Rum is a super premium Caribbean rum from Trinidad, made from the finest sugar canes. It is carefully distilled before being aged in oak barrels for two whole years. The smooth filtering lends a light and subtle, yet flavourful taste.

Colour: Icy clear | ABV: 40 % | Bottle: 70 CL


Azuca is a modern shot liqueur inspired by Mexican traditions, in particular the celebration of Día de los muertos (“the day of the dead”), when the dead return to partake in the best that is missing from life, including food and drink. Azuca is our interpretation of the best in life.

Azuca is mixed with both tequila and vodka, then richly spiced with cinnamon, chipotle and lime. The character is distinctly spicy and fresh with hints of smoke, finishing with a punch of chili and cinnamon – with long, warming tones of tequila.

Colour: Golden | ABV: 33 % | Bottle: 50 CL

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