The Hannas Cider Collection


A real bestseller. Whenever you want, all year round. The taste of peach and vanilla is a tempting fresh combination that makes Hannas Peach Melba a great thirst quencher that goes well with practically everything. Lean back, close your eyes and enjoy it in peace on a hot summer’s day. Bring it to a picnic or a party and give your friends a refreshing experience. Hannas Peach Melba is always a favourite.

Fruity aroma with notes of peach, pear and vanilla. Very fruity, fresh and sweet flavour with tones of peach, pear and vanilla.

Colour: Clear, bright green and yellow | ABV: 4.5 % | Can: 33 CL


A semi sweet rosé cider flavoured with rose leaves and mango. We continue our habit of creating modern high quality cider with much character and natural flavour. Hanns Rosé has a fruity aroma with notes of rose leaves, mango and pear. Very fruity and fresh flavour with notes of mango and rose leaves.

Colour: Pale pink | ABV: 6 % | Can: 33 CL


A modern Swedish style plum- and currant cider. Semi sweet with innovative feature of red plums, black and red currant.

Colour: Pale ruby red | ABV: 4.5 % | Bottle: 33 CL

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