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The wine used for this award winning Reserve VSOP comes from 100 % organically grown white grapes from selected vineyards, picked early to retain a higher level of fruit acidity which results in a fresh and dry wine for distilling.

One part is stored in large traditional oak barrels for 2-3 years and the other part in small French barrels for 7-8 years. The different distillations are blended in a procedure similar to creating a cognac.

In July of 2012 Tegnér & Son VSOP was awarded with Silver Medal in the International Wine & Spirits Competition – the world’s largest and most important competition of its kind. It was the highest score given that year in the tasting category, and was only given to Tegnér & Son.

Tegnér & Son Family Reserve is rich in the nose with notes of walnut, dried fruit and raisins. Notes of toffee, hazelnut, dark chocolate and vanilla on the palate.

Colour: Clear amber | ABV: 38 % | Bottle: 35 CL


This is Tegnér & Son’s first punsch launched in a hundred years. During the punsch era in the early 1900s Esaias Tegnér made a dozen different punsches at their premises in central Stockholm. The new Tegnér & Son Punsch uses the same Dutch provider of arrack which they dealt with a hundred years ago.

To make Tegnér & Son Punsch we use an original recipe with an updated, modern twist. The sweetness has been reduced in order to emphasize the inviting, complex tones. The classic Swedish punsch flavour is even more pronounced and distinguished. To round it off a dash of stored West Indian rum is added.

Tegnér & Son Punsch has a complex aroma and flavour with a hint of ethereal oils, lemon, bitter orange and vanilla, rounded off with stored rum.

Thanks to the balanced sugar content Tegnér & Son Punsch pairs exceptionally well with Swedish pea soup – a classic combination! This punsch can also be enjoyed in a lightly chilled Cognac glass on its own or together with a good cigar.

Colour: Clear golden | ABV: 26 % | Bottle: 50 CL


Tegnér & Son Cream Liqueur is one of only a few Swedish liquors of this style at the Swedish monopoly. Despite being a very affordable option it is still a high quality product like our Tegnér & son’s award-winning brandy VSOP Family Reserve.

This soft cafe latte-coloured cream liqueur has a lovely creamy texture, with an aroma that hints at caramel, coffee and vanilla, which all follow through in the taste, before a silky smooth finish.

Enjoy Tegnér & Son´s Cream Liqueur neat over ice after dinner. Is a signature drink in a variety of cocktail recipes as well being ideal to pair with toffee or nut-based desserts.

Colour: Cafe latte | ABV: 17 % | Bottle: 35 CL


Our seven year old joint venture with liquor producer Tegnér & Son continues with a range of premium brandies, liqueurs, punsches and mulled wines. Next in line is our full-flavoured Tegnér & Son Organic VSOP Cognac.

This cuvée is made with eau-de-vie from Petite Champagne, Fine Bois and Bons Bois. The terroir of each district is celebrated and carefully preserved. Made from organic grapes, this reasonably priced spirit reflects the genuine characteristics of Cognac in all its glory.

Colour: Deep clear amber | ABV: 40 % | Bottle: 50 CL

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