The Arboga Collection


Traditional Swedish premium lager originating from the 19th century Arboga Beer. The original and legendary beer in the Arboga series is brewed with a traditional mix of pale pilsner malt, a slightly darker Munich malt and a hint of caramel malt. It is spiced with classic Nordbräu bittering hops.

Gentle and fresh aromas of bread and citrus. Medium bodied with a malty, slightly sweet flavour and notes of bread and citrus, all balanced with a gentle bite of bitter hops.

Colour: Straw yellow | ABV: 5.6 % | Bottle: 50 CL | Can: 50 CL


Traditional Swedish strong lager inspired by the German bock style. Arboga 7,3 Strong Beer is brewed to the pale bock beer style for those who want a more distinctive tasting lager beer to serve with food or for special occasions. The alcohol strength is somewhat heightened to make it a perfect complement to traditional Swedish cooking.

A bold aroma with a lightly roasted tone. A malty, full-bodied beer, medium bitter, distinct sweetness and warming notes. Long aftertaste with elements of roasted corn.

Colour: Golden | ABV: 7.3 % | Can: 33 CL


Traditional Swedish strong lager inspired by the German ur-bock style. Arboga 7,7 is an extra strong, full-bodied beer with a distinct aroma and deep colour. It is similar to the pale bock or imperial pilsner style for a more pronounced and rich tasting lager, and is suitable for pairing with food or for special occasions. The alcohol is somewhat stronger than both 5.6 Original and 7.3 Strong Beer.

Malty aroma with notes of apricot, herbs and light syrup. Malty, warming flavour with notes of apricot, herbs and wort bread.

Colour: Pale amber | ABV: 7.7 % | Can: 50 CL


Traditional Swedish Imperial lager inspired by the German doppelbock style. Arboga X-tra Strong is brewed with a mix of pale pilsner malt, darker Munich malt and a small hint of caramel malt. Sugar is also added into this rustic and full-bodied member of the Arboga family to achieve a warmer and sweeter tone. X-tra Strong is spiced with the classic Nordbräu bittering hops and is designed to be an excellent ‘avec’ drink.

Very powerful and warming flavour with a distinct sweetness and a slightly burnt tone. Elements of nuts and dried fruit. Balancing and cleansing bitter aftertaste.

Colour: Amber | ABV: 10.2 % | Can: 50 CL


Swedish dark lager in the tradition of German dunkel. The rejuvenated copper brown Arboga Dark Lager is a fantastic addition to the pale lagers in the Arboga series, with its rich and full-bodied flavour, making it the perfect match to traditional Swedish food.

This strong dark coloured lager has a huge roasted aroma with distinct coffee tones. The flavour is rich and malty, displaying a fine balance between bitter and sweet.

Colour: Deep ruby black | ABV: 5.7 % | Can: 33 CL

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