“It’s a late comer like Arboga beer.” These legendary words were were according to hearsay spoken by an army who came too late for a battle in 1365. Before the fighting started the soldiers had rested up in the Swedish town of Arboga and tried the local beer, which in the Middle Ages was famous for its strength and full flavour. Whether this story is true or not the tradition of brewing rich and full-bodied beer is still maintained to this day.

The old Arboga Brewery in the county of Västmanland, in the middle of Sweden, was bought by Pripps Brewery in the 1970s but production came to an end in 1981. Today the brewery has been partly rebuilt into a museum, while the brand was bought by Galatea from Carlsberg in 2001. Several old recipes have been revived and have been warmly received  by Swedish beer lovers.

Galatea produces a range of Arboga beers at carefully selected breweries – both large and small – throughout Sweden. We inherited a few recipes from Pripps and are constantly developing new ones. We like to imagine a palette of flavours we want to achieve and then ask different brewmasters if they can recreate them as test brews. Then, after our own tasting panel carefully evaluates the beers, we choose the ideal brewery to produce them.




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