25 January, 2017

Tegnér & Son releases follow up Organic VSOP Cognac to the XO success

Pressrelease – English summary:

The seven year old joint venture of Galatea and liquor producer Tegnér & Son continues this year with even higher end brandys, liqueurs, punsches and mulled wines. Next in turn is the full flavoured Tegnér & Son Organic VSOP Cognac.

This cuvée is built with eau-de-vie from Petite Champagne, Fine Bois and Bons Bois. The terroir of each district is overtly and carefully exposed. Made from organic grapes this price worthy spirit reflects the genuine characteristics of Cognac in its full form.

Read more in the Swedish full pressrelease

For more information, please contact Pontus Tegnér at pontus@galatea.se

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