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Three Towns and TT

Three Towns Independent Brewers is a modern beer company of excellence, care and love – aiming to brew the most perfect lager one could think of. The brands Three Towns and TT stand for contemporary Swedish Lagers with aromatic, fruity, biscuity and bitter balance, brewed with the highest quality malt and hop varieties. The slightly stronger Three Towns Premium Lager is a proud elder brother to the very famous pilsner strength beer in Sweden, TT Original Lager (ECO-labelled).


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Three Towns has its roots in an old Swedish campaign for export beer. In 1955 the three breweries Pripps in Gothenburg, Skånebryggerier in Malmö, and St Eriks in Stockholm joined together to produce the best beer they could possibly achieve. Whilst mainly having the American market in sight the new beer Three Towns Export initially was a full bodied strong lager – impressive in itself, but neither with enough distribution channels nor with enough resources for bigger campaigns, the project didn’t work out.

On the domestic market however, Three Towns was much consumed and praised. During the Swedish era of liberated medium strength beer, between 1965-1977, Three Towns’ pilsner beer – TT – won a legendary status. During this period one could all of a sudden buy medium strength beer in ordinary supermarkets, and most of all people bought TT. Not because it was the cheapest, but because everyone loved the taste and style. In 1977, when TT had dominated the market for more than a decade, the government shut down the project, and the fun was over.

The TT of today is a modern, independent beer company that keeps the tradition alive with heart and care. It is a never ending story of the quest for the perfect beer.

The new Three Towns beers are modern luxury varieties of what the eminent master brewers created when they started. They are brewed with love and skill from carefully selected malt blends and gentle amounts of the noble hops Tettnanger. The results are fresh, sparkling lager beers with aromatic and fruity flavours, and with fine streaks of bread and citrus.

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